Cairns Residential Solar Panels for Sale

The most difficult component of purchasing solar is trying to make head or tail of Solar power Melbourne all the different products, prices and conflicting advice you will come across not to mention the options of service providers.

The industry has from the start been primarily dominated by sales personnel which in the writers personal opinion has been half of the ongoing problems within the industry, the unfortunate truth is that the majority of sales staff employ tactics that are designed to be able to sell ice to an eskimo.

The best option for you as the consumer is to as the Clean Energy Council suggests do your own research. Dont just take anybodys word for it.

One of the best ways to research products and service providers is in forums such as Whirlpool and research for reviews etc. Just be wary of the forum trolls who are constantly scanning to swing work a certain way, You will notice a trend in popular equipment however will have variations/experiences in service providers.

To save you the hassle I can tell you that you should go with either a SMA inverter or an AURORA Power One inverter. But as I said dont take any ones word for anything untill you are completely satisfied that it is widely agreed upon in the greater community or the world for that matter.

As far as the panels go,,,, Everybody you talk to will have the best panels!! Superior to any other product offered on the market !!

In all honesty there are plenty of good panels out there and you can spend endless amounts of time splitting hairs between them, again ice to an eskimo.

German panels arent all that they are cracked up to be, basically you end up paying a lot more money for the same quality,warranty, and performance. I can source and sell German panels and would make more money out of it in doing so however I personally as an experienced CEC accredited installer/licenced electrician/electrical contractor would not personally spend the extra money myself so I cant recommend you do the same.

Even consider researching the manufacturer of the equipment you have been quoted on or intend to buy, how long have they been manufacturing for? what is the companys financial position? these things and more can have an impact on your future warranty as a company manufacturing for a few years only could just as easily close their doors and leave you with no warranty.

It pays to go with reputable brands and well known products that can back up their warranties who have representation here in Australia. If your solar provider goes broke and you have warranty issues the last thing you want to do is be trying to ring overseas headquarters for your warranty service.