LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn is the only Social Media platform that professionals use to network with each other. Due to this reason, businesses that deal with professional services or products would find good success here. For example, if you are the CEO of an Gather Australia accounting firm, chances are you’ll find more success marketing on LinkedIn over a CEO of a cinema.

You must first understand the nature of your products/services before designing your social media strategy. If your products/services are more social in nature, then Facebook or Twitter would be a more powerful platform to be on. If your services are more professional in nature, you might find more success with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over 130 million users worldwide right now. Users of LinkedIn have different objectives on this social media platform. A fresh graduate will obviously be on LinkedIn to look for a job. A manager would be looking to build relationships with industry counterparts or keep in touch with his colleagues. A senior executive would probably use LinkedIn to discover a new “blue ocean” or seal new business opportunities.

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Therefore, it is a lot easier to target the prospects that you should approach on LinkedIn, compared to other Social Media platforms. If you are a recruiting agency, target fresh graduates. If you are a personal development coach, you might want to approach managers who are looking to improve their job skills. If you are a business consultant, your target would be senior executives.

You see, it’s simple to find prospects on LinkedIn, but the challenge is, “Why should they trust you?”

In business, most of us would agree that your network equals your net worth. The number of connections you have on LinkedIn tells a lot more to people compared to a full day of presentations. Think about it. If you are a recruiter that has acquaintances with HR personnel of many Multi-National Companies, would the fresh graduates trust you more than another recruiter who has only one or two local companies?

Same goes to you as a business consultant. If you are connected to many authoritative figures in the industry, would that make you at least look more trustworthy than someone who has an empty profile, and tell his prospects that “I’ve just started out” as an excuse?

The power of your connections in LinkedIn determines the success or failure of your marketing campaign. Of course, you would want to connect with as many people as possible, but what makes them want to connect with you? A study shows that professionals would be inclined to connect with a stranger only if that person’s profile has at least 2,000 first degree connections.

Isn’t that obvious? By connecting with a person with 2,000 connections, he or she will be exposed to a whole new level of career or professional advancement opportunities! So, give them what they want! Make them want to connect with you!

We can provide you with your first 2,000 first degree connections to get you started. These connections are real people that we’ve found online who are eager to meet professionals all around the world.

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