Coolest New Gadgets of 2019

Headphones Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC

Wireless headphones are quite popular now: there are those that look like AirPods (two plugs without wires), or like Sony MX1000 (classic headphones, but without wires and with active noise cancellation). Almost all the major companies that produce headphones, from Audio-Technica to Sennheiser and HARMAN, have recently presented their new products. Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC is one of the best headphones that we’ve ever tried.

These are quite expensive headphones ($400), yet, at the same time, they are worth their money – the sound quality is superb, LED lights, which show the battery charge level and, of course, Bluetooth connection, a unique design. Noise cancellation is absolutely stunning, the sound quality is amazing. There are two control panels, one of which acts as a touchpad.

If nevertheless, they seem too expensive to you, you should check out the headphones made by Audio-Technica - the Japanese company has recently presented a new pair of headphones with active noise reduction called ATH-ANC900BT at the price of $300.

Capsule-based Beer Machine LG Homebrew

There are plenty of ways to brew beer at home today - from homemade breweries to commercial home breweries. LG, however, was able to come up with something new, they managed to make the process of home brewing easier, you just need to throw in a capsule of your favorite beer and you are done.

And it will be not just “beer”, but one of five varieties to choose from, depending on the capsule: IPA, APA, English Stout, Belgian Witbier and Czech Pilsner. LG claims that it will take about two weeks for the machine to produce five liters of drink - more accurate numbers depend on the type of beer.

The system is fully automatic - from adjusting the parameters to cleaning and disinfecting (you won’t have to worry about the contamination of products). An American company called Muntons is in control of the production of the capsules, in the future, perhaps, others will join in as well. This beer machine is already working and gives the impression of an absolutely sales-ready device, but there is no information on the date of commencement of sales and the price yet.

Moto Z3 smartphone with 5G-module

As of this moment, not that many smartphones were announced in 2019. But have you heard of the Moto Z3? Have you heard about the modular concept of the Moto Z series and their market flop? Well, things may turn out great for Lenovo after all. The Z3 has every chance of becoming the first smartphone with official support for 5G networks - at CES 2019 a module with a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 modem was shown.

And this solution looks like the most logical one - to overpay for the theoretical ability to transfer data at extremely high speeds, which in practice results in very weak network coverage, in 2019 it seems somewhat premature. But if you have an insurmountable itch of an innovator and you if you have constant access to 5G, then the opportunity of buying such a product may just be what you looking for. True, it is not clear when it will be released and for what money – only a prototype was presented to the press. Probably (even more than likely), Lenovo won’t be the first company to release a 5G smartphone to the market.